What is CETI?

Each summer since 1996, CETI has sent between 15 and 21 MIT students to high schools and universities in cities and towns across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. CETIzens have introduced curricula on web design, programming, robotics, electrical engineering, biology, economics, and more.


CETIzens work in teams of 3. Team members work together to come up with a cohesive curriculum, and CETI believes that this teamwork adds an extra dimension to the program, as CETIzens not only teach students but also learn from one another. In addition, teams often travel around China before or after the program.


CETI is unlike other international programs at MIT because it is a student-run organization. Most non-graduating CETIzens return from their trips to China and choose to become part of CETI Exec, gaining valuable skills in project management and logistics.


CETI has evolved throughout its history - reaching out to more universities and high schools and expanding partnerships with other organizations such as MITx and Google App Inventor.

Where do CETI participants go?
Last summer,

taught at

in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
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